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Choosing the right glasswear

A good drink can be best enjoyed if it is served in a glass which enhances its flavour and appearance. In order to choose the right glassware for the right drink, here are some tips which will help you when choosing.

First of all, you need to realise that the kind of glassware you use will really make a difference on your drink experience, especially on your sense of smell. For instance, wide bowls will allow aromas to spread without missing a bit which is specially important in case of wine. What is also essential when it comes to wine glasses is that they should be large enough to allow swirling which is necessery for releasing wine qualities. Also, be aware that rarely you can use same glasses for red and white wine. Make sure you find out more about different types of wine glasses which are suitable for a wide range of wine varieties. For example, if you are a champagne drinker, you should go either for a flute, which will increase the bubble activity or a tulip shaped glass if you prefer the enhanced aroma of champagne.

A long base is required for some drinks such as cocktails or martini as your hand can increase the temperature of the drink.

For muddled drinks and anything on rocks, old fashion glasses would be the perfect choice because of their tick bottoms.

For various mixed drinks such as Bloody Marry or Gin Tonic you will need a tall glass, therefore, highball glass is recommendable.

There is one more thing you should know. The most expensive glassware is not always the best solution for maximizing your drink experience. Crystal glasses, for example, although very beautiful, are normally thick and heavy. They are also more fragile than glass and require hand washing and drying. Also, coloured and faceted glass will affect your perception and can change your drink experience.

Do not let your bad glassware choice to destroy good drinks you are enjoying at home. We hope that this quick guide will help you.

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