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Christmas table decorative ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be thinking of hosting a gathering for family and friends. You can make Christmas dinner a really special occasion by adding sparkle to your outdoor table settings using lovely centrepieces, tablecloths and other decorative elements.  Consider which Christmas decorations you already have at home and decide how you want to theme your outdoor Christmas table.  Here are some ideas which can bring joy to your family and friends this season.

Instead of your usual tablecloth, you could use a glitter runner trimmed with beads, or why not grab a role of pretty christmas paper and lay it over a plain white cloth.  For this special occasion, consider using embroidered napkins and instead of napkin rings, you could use a bit of the same gift wrapping paper to lace the rolled napkins up.

Think about how many people you will be hosting and make sure that you have enough plates, bowls, cutlery and glasses for each guest. Place your plates on top of one another in order of size, put cutlery on top of the plates and wrap every place setting with a wide, pretty ribbon. You can also add a little wrapped gift or bon bon which will pleasantly surprise your guests when they sit down.

For a simple, but elegant centrepiece, you can decorate serving platters with silver ornaments and boughs of evergreen foliage.  Also, if you have a rectangular serving dish, you can place a few red and green candles on it and fill the rest of the dish with large fruits such as oranges and pomegranates.  Choose your favourite old Christmas cards and display them along with Christmas ornaments and small gifts on a tiered stand. You can also use lanterns, fill them with ornaments and lights and place them around your outdoor area. To add to a classic Christmas atmosphere, surround the lanterns with pinecones.

If you want to make an easy, yet, beautiful candlelit centrepiece, get an evergreen branch, create a wreath and place several white candlesticks in the centre.

Make setting the table for a meal with your family and friends during the festive season one of your most loved traditions. We hope that our tips will help you to impress your guests this Christmas.

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