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Things to consider when choosing an outdoor rug

There are various ways for improving the style and comfort in your outdoor area and outdoor throw rugs are just one of the solutions. You can match them with other items in your alfresco area such as candles and dinnerware to give you a lovely coordinated look. Outdoor floor rugs are becoming very popular and although there are many options available, finding the perfect rug for your garden is not always easy. Moreover, they can be quite expensive, therefore, it pays to take your time and choose the right one.

One of the first things which you should check is a warning about durability. Be aware that no matter how strong the rug can be, cold weather can damage it. Therefore, it is recommendable that during low temperatures or storms you keep them indoors. If you leave it outside, your outdoor rug will not last for more than a year or two.

What’s important to look for when choosing your outdoor rug? Firstly, you need to think of the type of materials. If your rug will be used under a covered area, you can choose a bamboo, hemp or any other natural material. These materials are much more comfortable; however, if left uncovered, they would fall apart quickly.

For uncovered areas, we recommend materials such as: nylon, polypropylene or polyester which are much more durable and resistant to different weather conditions. Check that the rug you are buying has built-in UV resistance which will keep it from fading. Also, there are mildew and mold resistant rugs available which will keep them from turning smelly in wet weather.

Other things you should consider are non-slip backings, no matter which type of floor you are planning to place your new rug on. Also, consider the height of the pile of your rug, thick and luxurious may also mean its a trip hazard.  If the layout of your patio creates an echo and you want to get reduce it, it is worth knowing that there are some high-quality rugs which can insulate sounds.

Investing in an outdoor rug will definitely improve the comfort and style of your outdoor area, so take your time when choosing and ensure you find a rug that’s right for your needs. Take into account our tips, we are sure you will appreciate it!

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